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“Alright, Cas, close your eyes.”


“When you said you had a present for me, I thought you actually meant a present,” he complained, obeying her anyway.

“It is a present for you,” he heard her say through the closet door. “One of those presents that women buy for men, but they wear it.”

“Meg, I buy you all your underwear. That’s our thing, remember?”

“It’s not underwear. Now shut up. You can open your eyes.”

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She made him keep the outfit on, rucking his skirt up past his thighs and popping open the buttons on his shirt to dig her nails into his exposed chest as she rode him. "You've been a bad boy, haven't you, Mr. Novak?" she teased, leaning down to kiss him. Castiel moaned into her mouth and turned his head to sloppily kiss her neck, smearing his lipstick along her neck. "Oh, yes, Miss Masters," he gasped out. "I really have."

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Blue Plaid


Summary: HSAU where, when Castiel sleeps over, Meg convinces Castiel to try on some of her clothes.

AKA, some quick Megstiel with some crossdressing.

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How to Get Over Past Mistakes


1. Remind yourself that everyone makes mistakes, does things wrongs, and has moments of regret. There are no perfect people out there. In that sense, you are just the same as everybody else.
2. Remind yourself that “that was then, and this is now”. You can’t turn back the clocks and change what you did, but you can be a different person in the future.
3. Allow yourself to experience and name the feelings you are struggling with (regret, guilt, shame, disappointment, embarrassment, sadness, etc.) – then make the decision to let those feelings go. In the end, it’s unhealthy to become attached to them.
4. Ask yourself what you can learn from the situation. What would you do differently if you found yourself in that situation again? How can it change the person you are now (so that you feel better about yourself)?
5. Recognise that failings are mistakes are part of the growth process. It’s inevitable that you’ll encounter obstacles, challenges and failures throughout life. Don’t let that stop you from really living life.
6. Remind yourself that “it was what you did, it’s not who you are.” Don’t allow any single event or experience to define you. You are more than – so don’t let that become your identity, or your destiny.
7. Give yourself the gift of a new day and a new start. Forgive yourself, let go of the past, and with confidence move on with your life.

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msdoomandgloom replied to your post “*cracks knuckles butnotreallybcthatgrossesmeout* Okay. Time to write…”

words are good.

Lol hopefully they will string together into something coherent by the end. That is always nice.

Idk why it has taken me so long, I have had this fic idea in my head for FOREVER and it’s been poking at my brain so hopefully letting it out will be really refreshing. :D

maidenpool replied to your post “maidenpool replied to your post “*cracks knuckles…”

Right. The Big Bang. Right. Haha. I’m totally past 1K words on my Big Bang. Haha. SHIT. I SHOULD BE DOING THAT INSTEAD OF WRITING WEIRD PORN.

Haha it’s all good! I’m JUST starting right now. Though I’ve had an idea of where I was going to go with it for months. I have some blurbs written up somewhere hmm…