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#E4K2014 (x)

Late birthday lunch with old college roomies today!!




media: Ezra Miller first LGBT actor cast to play superhero in franchise blockbuster!!

bisexuals: um… Alan Cumming…? Nightcrawler?? anybody?

world: no he’s bisexual

bisexuals: what. what the fuck do you think the B stands for??

I don’t know where to start with this post…

1) Ezra Miller is also bisexual, isn’t he?

2) Did we forget about Ian McKellan? Or are we strictly counting Erik/Magneto as a supervillain? Because Ian has been out since 1988.


ALL I ever wanted was to wrap cas up like a burrito. i was really happy when Hannah covered him with his coat!! JNFHU$#^#JSD, someone has to take care of hIM.

four for you Hannah, you go Hannah.

maidenpool replied to your post: maidenpool replied to your post: I’m s…

That’s disgusting. Get some lysol and pretty much attach it to your hand. LYSOL EVERYTHING. That’s what my mom does for my gross brother. We love lysol.

I bought 2 big bottles of lysol as soon as I got my paycheck- one for the apartment and one for my room lol. It was just used a little too late and I already caught the sick- but I wont next time!

maidenpool replied to your post: I’m sick. :( I hate my roommate that c…

Ohmygod I’m sorry. That sucks ass, Dani. Drink your orange juice and eat lots of soup! (And once she gets better, cough all over her stuff).

Thanks, that is exactly what I was thinking of doing. <3 It doesn’t seem like she’ll ever be better though- she’s naturally disease-ridden and gross.

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